Reserve a seat at Kookidoe and pre-pay for your desserts and drinks.

Choose from our Doeza Menu for Just £9.99 a meal, this includes a large scoop of Ice cream and any drink (Including shakes)

OR Go for the All you can eat menu From £15.99 per adult.

ALL YOU CAN EAT: Come and enjoy all you can eat. Try all our different options from Strawberry to Double Choc. Make your own inventions from our DIY doe assortment. Indulge in our sundaes and gorge on our Dopies, Doezas and Waffles.

Everything in Kookidoe is 100% Dairy Free! But if you really must have Dairy, we can do that too.

DIY Doe:

  1. Scoop your own from 4 choices of dough, Plain, Gluten Free, Chocolate and Choc Gluten Free.
  2. Pick your flavouring, add your extras and we mix it for you.
  3. Decide if you want it straight, as a cookie or as a pie with a filling.
  4. Add your topping from the spinny dispensers.
  5. Eat, repeat.

Unlimited tea and coffee and squash for the kids.